About Ascent NLP Ltd.

Ascent NLP was established in 2008, and is rapidly becoming West Lothian’s premier centre of excellence in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), working in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Central Scotland and further afield.

Ascent NLP provides businesses and individuals with training, coaching and development services tailored to the client’s needs. For businesses, we specialise in improving team communications and motivations, and can provide bespoke training packages, as well as team events. We also offer services in areas such as public speaking, stress management, & interview preparation. We provide our individual clients with the ability to understand and the coaching to resolve their issues, often linked to seemingly unrelated past events, ensuring our clients are able to move forward and become more successful in both their business and private lives. We also provide in-depth one-to-one coaching to individuals from our business clients, working on issues identified during our business training.

Our philosophy

Ascent NLP’s business philosophy is to provide a safe, positive and rewarding coaching experience for our clients. When training in a business environment, we believe it is important to work both with the entire team and the individuals making up a team, so that personal issues impacting on a team’s performance can also be addressed. We encourage our clients to agree to a “personal privacy” concept, so that the individual’s personal issues are not shared with the client, ensuring buy-in from all the team members and maximizing the development opportunities for all. Ascent NLP believes in regularly updating our own coaching and training skills, and will add new concepts and methodologies to our “tool-box” whenever the opportunities occur.

Ascent NLP is certified by the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP); certified by and a member of the Time Line TherapyTM Association (TLTA); and certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH).

Our team

Martin Lawson is Ascent NLP’s owner and Director. He is a qualified Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis, and a Master NLP Coach. Martin’s style is calm and methodical, with more than a hint of humour. Martin has a knack of being able to make people feel at ease in any given situation. His relaxed style allows his clients to gain the absolute most from each session.

Martin’s background includes 12 years at the Royal Bank of Scotland, gaining extensive experience in the corporate sector working in IT development, workflow analysis and design. After leaving in 2002, Martin set up his own company providing freelance outdoor instruction to a number of companies and local councils throughout Scotland, coaching and helping both children and adults develop new skills through their experiences in the outdoors. This led to an interest in team building, personal development and facilitation, and Martin has facilitated in events with RBS Group, City of Edinburgh Council, British Energy plc, Identity & Passport Services, The Royal Air Force, The Scottish Women’s Rugby Squad and Vectra Engineering.

Caroline Winn is the Business Development Manager at Ascent NLP, and is also a certified Master NLP Coach and Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis. Caroline has over 20 years of international sales & sales management experience within the corporate sector, working in a variety of high-technology industries including Medical Imaging, Optoelectronics and Printed Circuit Board manufacturing. She has managed annual sales revenues of $80m, and has coached staff in the US, UK and Germany. One of Caroline’s key skills is managing complex client relationships across continental, cultural and language divides, whilst maintaining good relationships at all levels within the client’s organisation.