How to stop Procrastinating!!

  We all procrastinate to some degree; often we even know we’re doing it, but we just can’t seem to stop procrastinating & start doing! Yet, for some, procrastination can be a debilitating problem that really gets in the way of living.   My favourite definition of procrastination is “putting off until tomorrow what could be done today”. It’s the art […]

We All Communicate! Don’t we?

I communicate; You communicate; We all communicate, all the time. What defines a really good communicator is their ability to listen. They listen more, understand the other person's model of the world and adapt their communication to fit that model. ws For example, in your model of the world, ask yourself, what is a cup? […]

Chronic Pain Management

Many health care professionals are now recognising that pain is complex and multidimensional. Patients with chronic pain require a careful evaluation and a treatment strategy that may incorporate a variety of distinct modalities.  Among the modalities that now are being explored as treatments for chronic pain are numerous approaches that usually are considered out of […]

Diets Don’t Work!

Diets Don't Work! By Caroline Winn, Master NLP Practitioner & Master Coach, Ascent NLP Ltd   Have you ever dieted, only to put the weight back on afterwards? Or worse, ended up weighing even MORE? Yo-yo dieting is well known, with many celebrity sufferers. So why don’t diets work?   When you think of dieting, […]

What is NLP?

What is NLP? By Caroline Winn, Master NLP Practitioner & Master Coach, Ascent NLP Ltd. The most common question we’re asked is “just what IS NLP?” NLP is short for Neuro Linguistic Programming. I could give you a detailed explanation, but there’s not enough room here. Suffice to say, NLP is like an instruction manual […]