Diets Don’t Work!

Diets Don't Work!

By Caroline Winn, Master NLP Practitioner & Master Coach, Ascent NLP Ltd


Have you ever dieted, only to put the weight back on afterwards? Or worse, ended up weighing even MORE? Yo-yo dieting is well known, with many celebrity sufferers. So why don’t diets work?


When you think of dieting, what immediately comes to mind?  Some think: “I can’t eat chocolate”… or chips, alcohol, or whatever your favourite foods are. Many say: “denial”, or calorie counting, depravation, cravings, hunger… All have very negative associations.


Think about “I can’t eat chocolate” for a moment. Really think about it. What’s the very next thing that pops into your mind? Was it chocolate?! This is because your unconscious mind can’t process a negative. When you think “I can’t have” something, your unconscious mind actually needs to process “having” it first, before it then switches this to “not having” it. And by then, it’s too late – the deed is done, you’re craving chocolate, making it doubly hard to not eat it!! Go on, try it now… whatever you do, don’t think of what’s in your fridge right now. Just don’t think about your fridge contents. So, what did you do? What came to mind?


How often have you heard dieters say “I don’t want to be fat”; or “I don’t want to be out of breath when I run after the kids”; or “I don’t want to be bullied any more”. Focussing on what you don’t want often ends up giving you exactly that: what you DON’T want. Having a positive motivation is MUCH more effective: how much better does “I want to be as healthy and as happy as I can be” feel to you as a motivator? Eating healthily & exercising then becomes more of a lifestyle choice, a way of life, rather than a chore.


Dieters are often looking for a quick fix to their problem, rather than choosing long-term healthy lifestyle changes. Initially, they work hard at the diet, cut back on their eating, increase their exercise… all good things. Some have great success. Some get stuck on a plateau and give up. Some simply “fall off the wagon”, and for others, life intervenes, throwing in other issues that demand attention. After the diet, the crucial thing is what happens next: most gradually slip back to their old ways of eating, their old ways of behaving – not exercising – and the weight creeps back on with time. For many, this triggers the need to start another diet… and so the yo-yo dieting process commences.


A far more effective way to control your weight is to look at your emotional response to food: when you eat, why you eat, as well as what you eat. Understanding your emotional reactions to food, to the environment around you, and understanding your own personal trigger-points can REALLY help you to learn about, and then gain control over your eating habits.


For example, consider these questions in relation to your eating patterns:


Do you only eat when you’re hungry?
What do you do: when you’re depressed or sad; when you celebrate or reward yourself?
What do you do: if you have a bad day at work; if you’re stressed to the max?
Do you then eat? If yes:


Do you eat to feel better about yourself?
To provide comfort?

Because it feels good?


What do you eat in these situations?


“Healthy” food – Fruit and vegetables?
Or takeaways, fast food, fizzy drinks, chocolates…?
How much do you eat:  just one small biscuit – or the whole packet….?


Ascent NLP can help you to firstly understand your emotional relationship with food, and then to change your behaviour patterns. Were you taught to always clear your plate as a child? Or did you have periods when food was in short supply? We can help you to understand and identify your emotional eating trigger-points, and then to replace the unwanted behaviour – eg wanting to eat crisps – with a more desired behaviour , eg wanting to go for a walk. We can also help you change what foods you like and dislike – very quickly and effectively. Want to stop eating chocolate, or chips? Easy! Want to drink only one glass of wine, instead of the whole bottle? Done! In some cases, we can even help you to change your metabolic rate, to great effect.


Ascent NLP can help you to gain control of your eating, rather than have your eating control you. Stop dieting* and take control of your eating, now!


Caroline Winn is a qualified Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis, and a Master Coach at Ascent NLP Ltd,  Her coaching services are also available through The Zen Zone in Milnathort.


*  Before commencing, or making major changes to, a diet, please seek medical advice from your doctor or other health practitioner.


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