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Stuck in the Spin Cycle of Your Life?

Are you going round in circles, never achieving your goals or dreams? Do you want to wash bad habits out of your life?  Rinse out your mind, take control of your life and join us on the Life Laundry Day!

The Life Laundry Day is an inspirational new product from Ascent NLP (www.ascentnlp.co.uk) designed to help you review your life, and to take control so that you can finally start achieving your goals and dreams.

How fantastic would it feel, knowing how to make the changes you really want in your life? How wonderful would it be, hearing your friends comment on your amazing transformation?  How fabulous would it be, looking in the mirror, finally seeing the person you’ve always wanted to be?

At this time of year, so many of us have made New Year’s resolutions, but are now struggling to keep to them. Did you commit to going to the gym and getting fit? Or to losing weight? Or to stop eating cakes and chocolate? Or perhaps even to stop smoking? Are excuses now starting to creep in “…well, there has been a lot of snow, hasn’t there?” Or “It is very cold, and I don’t fancy going to the gym tonight. Perhaps I’ll go tomorrow…” Sound familiar?!  Let me ask another question: did you really believe you could keep to your resolutions when you made them? Or perhaps you just made them because that’s what everyone does, and it’s not hugely important anyway…

Admittedly, New Year’s resolutions are just a bit of fun to most people, but the same questions could really be applied to your personal life goals. How serious are you when you set goals for yourself? Do you believe you can achieve your goals now? Have you met your goals in the past? If not, do you understand why? If not, why not? The Life Laundry Day will help you to find the answers to these questions, and more…

We believe it’s important to carry out a mental review on a regular basis. Asking not just “what am I doing today?” but “why?” and “what for?” Let’s face it, many of us have a “to do” list that’s as long as our arm. But should all of those jobs really be on the list? What if you could focus just on the tasks that you really wanted to do? How many would get done then? How much better would you feel?

The Life Laundry Day came about after recognising that most people spend a significant amount of time each week doing “chores” – such as washing their clothes and cleaning their cars and houses – but very few actually take time out to do the necessary mental “chores” on their own lives, taking care of themselves and their minds.

Life Laundry Day takes a fun approach to addressing an important set of issues. The day is split into several sections, called the pre-wash, soak, rinse and spin cycles appropriately enough! During the cycles you’ll learn about your motivations and values, what’s stopped you from achieving your goals in the past, how to set achievable goals for the future, and how to take control of your life so you can reach for your dreams. We help you to identify the old ingrained habits which you’d love to wash out of your life, and then help you to do just that, and to achieve a “whiter than white” wash. You’ll take part in some fun exercises, designed to make you think more about what, how and why you’re doing what you’re doing, to help you to decide what you really want to change, and how to go about those changes. During lunch you’ll get a chance to meet our inspirational Life Laundry partners who will help you to keep your life – and your goals – on track after the Life Laundry Day.

You’ll come away from the Life Laundry Day brim full of motivation to regain control of your life, committed to the goals you’ve set yourself during the Day, and energised to kick start your life in 2010. Oh, and you may find a long lost sock! There’s always an odd one left over after doing your Laundry, isn’t there…?!

The Life Laundry Day takes place on the following dates in 2010: 20 February, 27 June, 21 August and 31 October, at the EICA – Edinburgh International Climbing Arena – at Ratho, Newbridge, just to the west of Edinburgh. The price for the Day is only £95, which includes lunch, tea and coffee. Additional dates may also be added – check our website for more information! http://www.ascentnlp.co.uk/events/past-events/life-laundry-day

Life Laundry Day is a Masterclass from the “Masterclass for Your Mind Series” provided by Ascent NLP, a coaching and personal development company based in Livingston, near Edinburgh. Other Masterclasses offered by Ascent NLP include stopping smoking, losing weight, stress management, communication & public speaking, exam & interview preparation, and climbing, as well as the “Aerial Assault on your Life” Masterclass.

Lead trainer on the Life Laundry Day is Martin Lawson, Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis, a Master NLP Coach and Director of Ascent NLP. Martin’s style is calm and methodical, with more than a hint of humour. Martin has a knack of being able to make people feel at ease in any given situation. His relaxed style allows his clients to gain the absolute most from each session. Assistant trainer on the Day is Caroline Winn, a Certified NLP Coach, and Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis, and Business Development Manager at Ascent NLP. Caroline has over 20 years of Sales experience within the Corporate sector, and is now putting this to good use within Ascent NLP’s coaching and training environment.  You can contact Martin & Caroline on 01506 415861, or martin@ascentnlp.co.uk and caroline@ascentnlp.co.uk.

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