Cure Phobias

spider-main_fullPhobias are an intense emotional and physical reaction to an event or object. Many phobias are manageable and most people go about their daily lives dealing with it, avoiding situations that may trigger a reaction.

For a large number however, this is not the case. Many people are haunted every day with the fear that they will come in contact with, or be in a situation that will trigger their phobia. This is extremely stressful to these people. There are over 500 registered phobias at present. Find a comprehensive list of them here.

To deal with a phobia we will begin by understanding your phobia and how it affects you. We then get you to process your phobia in a way that allows you to see what you are doing when you react. This allows both your conscious and unconscious mind to rationalise the emotions. The beauty of this process is that, unlike most phobia cures, you do not need to face your phobia head on and have to deal with the emotions. In a relatively short period of time we will reduce your phobia to a manageable level. However in most cases we remove the phobia completely.

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Here's one of our Phobia Testimonials:

"I contacted Ascent NLP on the recommendation of a friend in order to address a couple of lifelong phobias. After over a decade of not flying I decided I had to force myself to get on a plane in order to see some of the world.  Even thinking about my holiday would make me feel ill and by the time I had arrived at my destination I was exhausted and wrung out with the mental and physical exertions of getting onto the flight.  Then of course I had the whole holiday to think about the flight back! I also had a fear of enclosed spaces and as a result I had not used a lift for many, many years.  This phobia kept me healthy but made day to day life difficult. After just one session with Caroline I am delighted with the results. I am using lifts and I am in the process of booking my summer holiday without the usual feelings of fear and dread overtaking what should be a fun process. Thank you for your help Caroline!"  A couple of months later we received this email:  "Hi there. Have just returned from flights to Poland and Las Vegas.  I WAS FINE!!!!  I have been in lifts the entire holiday and even went down a mine and came back up in a seriously overcrowded, dark and windy miner's lift!!! Thanks for your help.  Will be in touch so you can sort the rest of me out:-) Liz"   Liz (Teacher, Grangemouth)