Climbing Master Class

In association with the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena, we are proud to offer The Climbing Master Class for Your Mind. These sessions are held on a one-to-one basis and last approximately one hour. First, we will establish your climbing goals. Next we will examine in detail the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back. Using NLP techniques, we will change these beliefs into positive, empowering beliefs, thus enabling you to climb to your full potential.

The results are often instant, and the benefits of the training can be felt straight away. If preferred, part of the Master Class can take place on the climbing wall itself, enabling you to see and feel your improvements immediately. For more information click here


Beliefs that limit climbing performance:

  • I’m scared of heights
  • I can’t grip that type of hold properly
  • I might fall
  • The belayer might not hold me
  • I get too nervous in competition
  • It’s a 6A; I can’t climb 6A’s
  • I can’t lead past the first clip

Edinburgh International Climbing Arena