Stop Smoking

cigarettesSmoking is probably one of the hardest habits to overcome. The pressure on people to stop smoking is becoming more and more evident, with so many adverts on television and in newspapers & magazines about nicotine patches and plastic cigarettes, along with countless ways to contact the NHS for advice. All of these advertised methods require “will power”, as with any change in lifestyle. But will power alone is often not the solution. The main reason most people fail to stop completely is because there is some unconscious thought process that keeps reminding them that they used to smoke. The most common of these “thoughts” is that “I really want to stop” but at the back of their mind they are saying “I really don’t think I can stop”.

NLP can work for you by:-
1. Understanding your motivation for wanting to stop smoking.
2. Getting to the root of why you don’t or can’t stop.
3. Allowing you, the client, to understand your unconscious thoughts that are holding you back from stopping smoking.
4. Changing your beliefs to truly believe you can and will stop.
5. Providing ongoing support throughout your journey to becoming a non-smoker.