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The Shrinking Thinking Membership Programme splits into two phases. The first phase focuses on your thinking and emotions, developing the appropriate positive mental attitude to take control of your eating, and getting you mentally and emotionally ready for the changes that you want to make in your life.

Phase one looks at:

  • Your thinking patterns, learnings and habits around food

  • Identifying when your bad eating habits started, and any emotional links

  • Learning to separate hunger from cravings, emotions, and habits.

  • Understanding how motivation works, and identifying YOUR motivations in life

  • The Mind / Body connection: how your thinking affects your emotions and behaviours – and vice versa!

  • Developing an understanding of how – and why – we can be our own worst enemy, and learning strategies for change


The second phase builds on the emotional and thinking developments and introduces tools and techniques to help you manage your weight more effectively.

Phase two looks at:

  • Nutrition tips for a healthy, balanced life (with guest expert nutritionist)

  • Developing exercise goals which will work for YOU and fit in with your life

  • Techniques to help you identify foodstuffs which are right – or wrong  – for you

  • Identifying and dealing with your eating “weaknesses” – quickly & effectively!

  • Managing your metabolism

  • Developing strategies for dealing with pressure “eating” situations – parties, Christmas, holidays…