Programme Membership

Welcome to the  Membership Programme – a brand new concept in weight management, changing your thinking and emotions around weight and exercise – for life!

  •  Fed-up with dieting?

  • Want to gain control of your eating & lifestyle?

  • Struggled with your weight for a long time?

  • Put on more weight afterwards than you ever lost on a diet?

….then  is perfect for you!


 The  concept:

So much of what we eat is tied up with how we are feeling about ourselves. Before we can help anyone to address their weight issues, we must first address how they are feeling and what they are thinking about themselves.

How can you be your ideal weight when:

  • you feel so bad about yourself that you comfort eat?

  • you don’t believe that you can lose (or gain) weight?

  • you hate exercise and love fast food?

  • you think you’ll always be over (or under) weight?

  • you don’t like yourself?

  • you’ve never managed it before?

  • you don’t know how or where to start


  • Focuses on YOU, and YOUR thinking & emotions in relation to food and exercise

  • Identifies what created your eating habits, patterns and problems

  • Changes your thinking, attitudes, beliefs and habits

                                …. so you CAN achieve your weight goals.


The REAL difference between Shrinking Thinking and any other weight management programme is that it includes SIX HOURS of one-to-one coaching concentrating solely on YOU - your issues, your habits, your thinking and emotions around food, and your lifetime of unique experiences.

Together with your coach, you’ll identify your own individual barriers & blocks to ACHIEVING your weight & exercise goals, and then make the necessary changes so that you can – at last – achieve your GOALS.