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"Thank you so much for today – I have been practically dancing around the room for the past few minutes as I now feel unburdened!" Dionne (London).

"I met Caroline at a networking event last year and was intrigued to discover that she was an NLP practitioner. Over the past year or so I have met a number of people who practice NLP and I have just nodded without fully understanding what NLP was. However, largely because of the way Caroline explained what NLP was, I was intrigued to find out more. I arranged to meet Caroline and Martin and we had a chat about NLP and its various uses. I then booked two appointments with Caroline to discuss a number of issues which were concerning me. Following these sessions I have a better understanding of what makes me tick and have been much more focused on my business. This has been a really big help in developing and growing my business. The Time Line work was quite an experience, a bit whacky perhaps but as business and my focus have improved, then it certainly has had a positive effect. I am delighted to recommend Caroline and her work with Ascent NLP. Caroline is very easy to work with. She is extremely professional and very encouraging and supportive in an unobtrusive way.” Nick Oswald (Owner, Legends, Perth)

"Martin Lawson is an excellent Master Practitioner. He skillfully led myself and other members of the group using a variety of exciting therapeutic tools including NLP. He personally worked with me on a number of key issues that were powerfully resolved and I left feeling even more relaxed, energised and ready to take my business to a new level. Thank you Martin." Tamba Roy (Director, Trident Solutions Consultancy, Nottingham)

"After a relationship break-up I found myself extremely low and emotionally exhausted, whilst endeavouring to accept what had happened. Caroline worked personally with me to address issues and emotions relating to my circumstances, using a number of therapetic tools which concentrated on my subconscious. After just one session with Caroline the effects were incredible and I have felt refreshed and energised since. I feel in control of my thoughts and no longer torment myself with mixed emotions. Caroline was passionately supportive throughout my journey and I'd like to thank her very much for everything." Caitlin, Student, Perth

"Call handling in the police contact centre environment is challenging with staff often being faced with traumatic and time critical situations and having to make fast time decisions. This is interspersed with periods of less urgent enquiries. The skill of the call handler is tested, as they have to adapt their style to cope with the variance and still display rapport-building, reassurance while directing the call to ensure the relevant information is obtained. In order to support and develop this skill I was looking to develop a highly bespoke intervention that would transfer practical skills to enhance communications skills. I was referred to Ascent by an ex colleague who now worked for Radio Lollipop. I met with Caroline and Martin and they showed real enthusiasm for understanding the business and how it might be supported by skills development training. They designed and delivered a course in building rapport, directing a conversation and advanced listening and communications skills, which augmented our existing in-house delivered customer, care training and was well received.  I would recommend Caroline and Martin for their enthusiastic approach, willingness to listen and work with you to design the training input that is best fit for your operation." Superintendent George Bird, Branch Commander, Force Communications Centre, Lothian & Borders Police.

"Martin's techniques are amazing! I contacted Ascent NLP to help with quite literally a list of issues and after just one session I am astounded at the results. I had a fear of heights and bridges, combine these two with dark water and I was a wreck. One session with Martin and I am climbing ladders without a second thought, walking across bridges, even hanging over the side to take a look at the river below. Thanks Martin! Looking forward to the next session." Nyki Clark (Program and Project Management Consultant)

"I contacted Ascent NLP on the recommendation of a friend in order to address a couple of lifelong phobias. After over a decade of not flying I decided I had to force myself to get on a plane in order to see some of the world. Even thinking about my holiday would make me feel ill and by the time I had arrived at my destination I was exhausted and wrung out with the mental and physical exertions of getting onto the flight. Then of course I had the whole holiday to think about the flight back! I also had a fear of enclosed spaces and as a result I had not used a lift for many, many years. This phobia kept me healthy but made day to day life difficult. After just one session with Caroline I am delighted with the results. I am using lifts and I am in the process of booking my summer holiday without the usual feelings of fear and dread overtaking what should be a fun process. Thank you for your help Caroline!"  And a couple of months later we received this email:  "Hi there. Have just returned from flights to Poland and Las Vegas.  I WAS FINE!!!!  I have been in lifts the entire holiday and even went down a mine and came back up in a seriously overcrowded, dark and windy miner's lift!!! Thanks for your help.  Will be in touch so you can sort the rest of me out:-) Liz"  Liz (Teacher, Grangemouth)

"Martin is a highly professional and well respected instructor within the industry and if we feel that NLP is a service that we would like to include in our program, I feel that he would be an ideal person to build a working partnership with." Neil McGeachy (Senior Instructor, Edinburgh International Climbing Arena)

"I am writing this to explain the experience I have had whilst attending NLP one to one sessions with Caroline. I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2008 and since then have gone through several ups and downs. As a worrier by nature, I decided to do something about changing the way I think about my life both in the past and in the future. Having coped with various drugs during treatment, I didn't want to take antidepressants when having a down turn, so this therapy was a great alternative. During my sessions I have dealt with past issues that I was holding on to and learned to let go of the negative feelings that were holding me back. I have learned to use deep relaxation in order to aid my health issues and also to acknowledge how far I have come in finding inner strength in order  to deal  with life in general. I would not hesitate to recommend this treatment to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position." Judith Adamson (Kinross)

"A most fascinating experience I think is how I would describe my session of NLP with Martin. He took me on a journey deep into my past, way before I was born, (much to my utter amazement). This was all part of the journey to let go of various emotions that were stuck and therefore preventing me from living and expressing myself fully, and this was only one of a variety of techniques which Martin uses to assist you. I am looking forward to having another NLP session with Martin soon to carry on this fascinating process of which I am already seeing encouraging results." Fiona (Lab Technician, Edinburgh)

"Martin. Firstly, I have an apology to make. I was very sceptical of your mind games for fixing my head issues, sorry for not believing you. And thank you very much, I lead a couple of diffs and a v diff this week. Ok, not hugely hard, but they are at least real climbs and had some boldish moves that I wouldn't have done before. I'm very happy to be back in the climbing world again." Susan (Outdoor Instructor, Glasgow)

"I can't thank Martin enough for his guidance and support. My mind set changed completely and I found the confidence and drive that I needed. I don't know where he found it in me, I felt it was so deep seated but after two sessions I was flying and now I am proud to have a qualification I thought I would never achieve. Thank you Martin, you have changed my life ! xox" Sandra (Certified Estate Agent, Livingston)

"Martin is passionate about whatever activities he undertakes and this can be very contagious. Having initially worked with Martin as part of my own personal NLP journey, I have been impressed by his professionalism and ability to open up new situations. His strength lies in his one-to-one contact with clients and I thoroughly recommend him to help you change whatever it is you want to change – that's the power of NLP and the power of Martin." Mark Crawford (Managing Director, Winning Way Initiatives, Edinburgh)

"Martin's approach to guidance is novel and refreshing. Our session was relaxing and enjoyable, and I learned more about myself than I would have thought possible in such a short time. I'm looking forward to working with Martin again, looking even deeper into things that prevent my life from being completely joyful." Leslie (Web Designer, Livingston)

"I had met Caroline a number of times and slowly got a small understanding of how she can help people. I have a health issue that I was prepared to try anything to assist with and arranged to meet Caroline. She was brilliant and also spot on when she said that the timeline process is a bit whacky and something you just have to go with. I listened and did, and I felt unknown burdens being lifted, I am more ready to laugh now and wouldn’t have said I wasn’t ready to laugh before hand. I think your process has kept me younger at heart for longer and I know it has kept the wrinkles from worry away for longer. Thank you. I would urge anyone and everyone to have a chat with Caroline because she will help, even if you didn’t know you needed help.” Zoe (Business Owner, Perth)

"I felt the compulsion to put pen to paper and thank you very much for solving my “wine problem”. As we discussed I didn’t want to stop enjoying my wine, I just wanted to control it better. I have to say that I am over the moon with the results. I am able to enjoy one glass of wine rather than a bottle or god forbid opening a second bottle, which I’m ashamed to say was the norm for me. I’m really looking forward to our next session to tackle my food intake next. Thanks very much for all you help, you have made a drastic difference not only to my health, but, my finances too." Sharon (Livingston)