Life Laundry Testimonials

The following are testimonials from attendees of the Life Laundry Day:

"I would happily recommend this course to any private individual or corporate clients. I feel that you have given logic and reason to issues in my life that I didn't previously understand. I honestly feel that I'm leaving here today with a clearer understanding of how I have changed my life with thoughts and behaviours. Now I have the tools to reverse those scripts and I'm really looking forward to doing so and witnessing the outcome. Many thanks." Sharon, June 2010.

and a few days later…: "Martin & Caroline, many thanks, your "Life Laundry" certainly opened our eyes and we've already put your recommendations into action. It's good to know that it's ok to go back the way sometimes to move forward both in busines and personally. Made some staggering decisions today. Another 2 very big things dealt with now ……. my goodness you two are miracle workers lol. I'm taking control at last. Really pleased, things are in perspective now. Life changing! Genuinely xx" Sharon.

"Had a fabulous day at Ascent NLP's Life Laundry Day. Really have enjoyed today. I found it both informative and creative. Lots of food for thought. Great exercises to continue with. Some great concepts and ideas to accelerate your achievements and life goals. Recomend to all. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou." Dawn, June 2010.

"Well it's amazing what you find out about your business and yourself when you have a professional look at it. Great investment will be attending agian, DeJaAri would highly recommend this course for private or corporate use. Big Thanks to Martin & Caroline" DeJaAri Solutions, June 2010

"A well structured & thought-out event" Paula, June 2010.

"I had a great time; a lovely relaxing day – highly recommended to anyone looking for a breakthrough." Leslie, June 2010.

"Just wanted to say what a great day yesterday was. You have given me loads to think about." Wendy, June 2010.

"I thought today was fantastic. It's good to look at what we do and why, and to understand the way we can move forward and improve the quality of our thinking and our lives" Tom, June 2010.

…and, a few days later…:“Caroline & Martin, never thought I’d say it, but, you have managed to find Sharon underneath years of stress that she didn’t know she was under…… thanks for giving me back my wife ……………" Tom.

"Great day, the light bulb went from 40W to 150W in 3 hours! Keep up the good work. The start of a new beginning for ME and the future! Great work guys, thank-you so much!" Jonathan, Feb 2010.

"I thought the attention to detail and organisation was extremely slick and professional. You have put a lot of thought into the content and look of the event and it really showed. You were both very relaxed and assured and the atmosphere was just right for this type of event. Well done!" Susan, Feb 2010.

"It was excellent" Helen, Feb 2010