In the current tough economic climate, getting the most out of your existing business should certainly be in the top 5 of any business's goals. Budgets are tight; most companies cannot yet afford to add new head count and even struggle to invest in training programs for their staff. Yet all companies need to be positioned and ready to take advantage of any upswing in business, or new opportunity that comes their way. Often, this means increasing workload and pressure for the existing workforce who are already loaded to the max. So, how do you cope? What can you do? Ascent NLP believes the key to business success is maximising the performance of your most valuable resource: your workforce. All too often we hear businesses saying they cannot afford to invest in training. We respond by questioning "how can you afford NOT to invest in training?" Would you not choose to have your teams perform better together, improve their communication skills, become more motivated?

Ascent NLP offer a novel approach to business training and coaching. We offer ready-made training "modules" targeting key business areas, and these modules can then be combined into a bespoke training package, tailored specifically to the current needs of your business. All modules include exercises designed to help the attendees learn and practise new skills in a fun way. We believe in challenging attendees to move out of their "comfort zone", since this is the easiest way of stepping out of existing behaviour patterns and learning new ones, in a relaxed environment.

"Call handling in the police contact centre environment is challenging with staff often being faced with traumatic and time critical situations and having to make fast time decisions. This is interspersed with periods of less urgent enquiries. The skill of the call handler is tested, as they have to adapt their style to cope with the variance and still display rapport-building, reassurance while directing the call to ensure the relevant information is obtained. In order to support and develop this skill I was looking to develop a highly bespoke intervention that would transfer practical skills to enhance communications skills. I was referred to Ascent by an ex colleague who now worked for Radio Lollipop. I met with Caroline and Martin and they showed real enthusiasm for understanding the business and how it might be supported by skills development training. They designed and delivered a course in building rapport, directing a conversation and advanced listening and communications skills, which augmented our existing in-house delivered customer, care training and was well received.  I would recommend Caroline and Martin for their enthusiastic approach, willingness to listen and work with you to design the training input that is best fit for your operation." Superintendent George Bird, Branch Commander, Force Communications Centre, Lothian & Borders Police.

Ready-Made Training Modules Team-work - This module concentrates on getting the most out of your team, without the need to get your feet wet during a wild-outdoors team building event traversing toxic swamps! More……… Sales Communication - This module concentrates on building rapport between you and the client, ensuring you communicate in a style which resonates with your client. More…… Communications & Building Rapport by telephone - This module looks at the various communication styles, how to identify the preferred style of the caller, and how to change the language you use so that you can build rapport with the caller. More….. Managing and Dealing with Conflict - During this module we learn about different sources of conflict, how they arise, and how to manage them. More….. Motivating teams and individuals - During this module we review the different motivators and personal values an individual can have, and learn how to communicate targets individually to help the person to feel motivated. More….. Managing Stress - Stress can be felt everywhere in a modern life and learning how to manage it is essential in a business environment. More….. Restructuring and Managing Change – The only constant thing in many businesses is change, so managing how to cope with change is an important skill in the business world. More….. ws Company, team and individual values - This module is especially useful in recruitment situations, when considering the attributes needed in a new team member. More….. Presentations and public speaking - This module provides you with an understanding of why these situations arise, and some skills to avoid them from occurring. More…..