Team Working

This module concentrates on getting the most out of your team, without the need to get your feet wet during a wild-outdoors team building event traversing toxic swamps!

Have you ever seen how conflict and frustration sometimes arises between “big picture” and “detail” people? Or heard team members say “I just don’t get it” when they’ve been given a job to do? Have you ever felt that you are able to motivate some team members, but not others? Or wondered how to build – and keep – great rapport between team members? Then this module is for you!

We focus on understanding the different communication styles within the team - even including the manager (where appropriate) – so that each team member can communicate effectively with the others by making small adjustments to their style. We demonstrate how uncomfortable it can be when communicated to in the “wrong” style for you.

We learn how team members are motivated by different things, and how motivating in the wrong way can actually result in de-motivation! We also look at building rapport within the team, using both verbal and non-verbal communication.

Whilst designed as a team-work module, most of the skills taught on this module can also be put to good use when communicating with customers, and even at home with the family!